Sanders Hotel

Sanders Hotel

The renowned Danish ballet dancer, Alexander Kølpin, has created Copenhagen’s first luxury boutique hotel – Sanders. The design is inspired by his personal experience and travels. He brings a refined aesthetic sensibility and ideology to the property which is deeply rooted in his creative history.

Nestled in the historic center on a quiet neighbourhood street, directly behind the Royal Danish Theatre, the property was a former hotspot for the city’s cultural cognoscenti in the 1970-80’s. Today Alexander looks forward to continuing that legacy in an entirely new era.

Comprised of 54 luxurious rooms, each are singular in their style and design. A variety of accommodations have been created to suit the needs of every guest.

Single Coupé rooms are inspired from a bygone era of luxury train cabins where guests will find comfort and luxury within the intimate space. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Sanders Apartments offer the utmost in privacy and are generously spacious with separate lounge seating and open fireplaces.

A collaboration between the father and son team, Jes and Alexander, founders of Kolpin Hotels, and the London studio of Lind + Almond have created a compelling design combining the glamorous age of travel and the drama of the theatre.

Handpicked and bespoke furniture offer hints of colonial décor, polished hardwood and rattan cane-couches result in a setting that is casual yet elegant, authentic yet luxurious. A peppering of Parisian sophistication and English eccentricity further adds to the charismatic mix. In the end, the overriding factor is the simplicity and sensibility of Danish design that pulls it all together in a down-to-earth style making one immediately feel at home in the surroundings.

“Entering Sanders is like stepping into a theatre. Guests will always remain center stage, but the scenography and carefully curated interiors will be the elegant and exquisite backdrop for their experience. The passion, generosity and professionalism of our staff will orchestrate the production to provide a memorable experience for our guests.” – Alexander Kølpin