Because He’s Worth It


With a history dating back more than 190 years, Tricker’s is Britain’s oldest shoemaker. Their range of bespoke shoes and boots have walked to all four corners of the Earth. In 1953, they even took Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing to the very top of Mount Everest. Founded in 1829, the brand's commitment to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality...

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Czapek & Cie

Czapek & Cie unveils a new collection for its growing portfolio of elegant timepieces. The Faubourg de Cracovie combines traditional refinement with the sportive twist of a chronograph function. The watch comes with three different dials that illustrate the outstanding quality of Swiss craftsmanship. "Take the romantic nobility of our first watches and add a chronograph to give it some athletic pizzazz," says...

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