Award-winning vision

Award-winning vision

H2R Design reinvents and reimagines stunning interiors for F&B, retail and hospitality

From retro, vintage refits of iconic hotels to fun, quirky concepts for retail and restaurants, Dubai-based H2R Design is making a name for itself for creating hot commercial and hospitality spaces.

Founded by Hasan and Husain Roomi in 2012, H2R Design is an award-winning, young, progressive design firm based in London and Dubai.

Inspired by their extensive travels and passion for design, Hasan and Husain established H2R Design with the aim to create spaces with soul and significance. The doors of the Dubai studio opened in 2014, and since then H2R Design maintains a diverse commercial portfolio, with a focus on the hospitality, retail and F&B sectors.

Growing up in some of the most architecturally inspiring cities in the world, Husain Roomi gained a degree in Architecture Degree from Kingston University in London. His vision was quickly recognised by leading firms in the industry, and Husain’s passion for F&B and hospitality empowered him to found H2R Design with his brother.

Husain drew on his own personal passions of travel, art, food, music, photography, cars and fashion to inspire his work.

From a young age, Hasan always had a strong interest in design and the ability to create a narrative. He studied Interior Architecture at Middlesex University London and evolved into wanting to create spaces for people to dine in, drink, socialise, work and shop. This resulted in the desire to design spaces that delivered experience.

His approach is to develop a true identity for each space and that is the brand promise that he brings to any project, large or small.

H2R Design’s portfolio of award-winning projects includes stylish hotels, fresh F&B and refined retail, working with a wide range of respected clients. Completed projects include Tom & Serg, The Sum of Us, Leopolds of London, Alamein Hotel Egypt, Two Café, Symphony, Candylicious, Parkers, Cassette, Rove Hotel at Dubai Parks and Resorts, Third Avenue, HOB, and Brew.

The design team completed the grand renovation of Egypt’s celebrated Alamein Hotel in June 2018, remodelling the 1960s Mediterranean beach hub’s interiors and creating a serene escape injected with premium furnishings to elevate the hotel stay experience.  This project that was full of complex challenges and proved to be one of H2R Design’s most rewarding assignments.

H2R Design was insistent on keeping the cultural context and heritage in their design strategy, however they wanted to rejuvenate and create a modern boho-chic style while integrating the surrounding seaside environment into the nature of the property.

The design theme for the project was a Retro Refurbishment including contemporary interiors, which paid subtle tribute to the glory days of the resort. H2R Design combined vintage styles conjuring the sense of nostalgia to the golden age of Egyptian music and cinema and added references to the famous guests the hotel has hosted.

“Throughout the property we wanted to create a sense of refined classics and translate that through materiality, the furniture pieces, fixtures and equipment. We used clean lines layered with textures to bring a modern mid-century experience and comfort twist to the mesmerising vistas,” said Hasan and Husain Roomi.

H2R Design was commissioned to design Third Avenue Boutique – a stylish fine dining restaurant situated in The Dubai Mall’s luxurious Fashion Avenue extension. They were tasked with designing a contemporary hotspot offering fashionable gourmet cuisine and showcasing handmade chocolates and the brand’s own range of perfumes. The design also had to incorporate the venue’s distinct feature – the mall’s largest terrace overlooking the world-famous Burj Khalifa and fountain views.

“Our aim was to redefine the functional F&B experience and to add luster, elegance, and allure to the space,” said Hasan and Husain. “We turned the requirement of retail essentials and the infiltration of product displays into design features complementing the dining journey. While this project was full of surprises and design challenges, it also was a passion project and we are very proud of the result.”

Situated in Dubai’s thriving arts hub, Al Quoz’s The Courtyard, H2R Design designed and launched Cassette – a re-imagined bistro concept centered and inspired around the context of its location. Inspired from a deep-rooted love of art, design, music, food, and the culture that surrounds it, H2R Design developed the entire concept from ideation to completion, including name generation, spatial experience, interior design, branding, food direction, table styling, and playlist creation.

Cassette is also an expansion of the H2R Design studio and flows seamlessly from the office on the second floor to the sprawling space on the ground floor. With the rise of co-working spaces across the UAE, Cassette epitomises the dynamic transformation of a traditional workplace into a creative hub while maintaining its singular bistro identity.

“Our goal is to make a positive contribution to our culture’s most important creative mediums by establishing an immersive experience where diners can let themselves unwind and be inspired by our carefully designed interiors, food selection and playlist creation,” said Hasan.

“We created an interactive corner where people can listen to and buy limited edition vinyl records. This sentiment was recurring in our music selection which also ranges from classic, old-school, new and modern adaptations.”

“When we planned on introducing Cassette, we knew we wanted to maintain respect for the history and original identity of the space,” added Husain. “That’s why we made sure to leave the structure intact and designed around it. The columns and exposed ceiling are in their original state in order to display the original framework and structure of the space.”

HOB – a unique luxury shopping destination in Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi – was brought to life through design. H2R Design was entrusted develop an exclusive retail space curated as a collective of international and homegrown high-end brands, aimed at affluent shoppers. 

The client’s vision was magnificence, refinement and grandiosity. H2R Design made that vision a reality with interiors thoughtfully planned with bold architectural details and regal colors. Aspired to create a space that appeals to all the senses, HOB captures the customer immediately as they approach the store, creating an impactful experience.

The Rove Hotel at Dubai Parks and Resorts was also given the H2R Design treatment, who interpreted the brief to create a space for thrill-seeking ‘rovers’.

H2R Design created a physical representation of the brand tag ‘explore without borders’ with free-flowing spaces and playful touches re-defining the Rove experience. The detailing and art direction exude the Rove personality: Artsy, cool, and fun, interlacing a world of wonder and thrills.

When luxury fashion store SYMPHONY relocated to its new, two-floor home in The Dubai Mall, H2R Design created an inspirational space to entice discerning shoppers and enhance their experience.

Inspired by the store’s name, the design firm came up with a harmonious solution that resonated with the showcased garments and designers.

“Keeping the concept of a symphony as our inspiration, we envisioned the store to be approachable, refined, feminine and spirited, helping women express their unique individual identities with the perfect dress and accessory for every occasion. The space allows the merchandise to really be showcased while still having a strong architectural identity,” according to the H2R Design team.

H2R Design offers a total concept for all projects; including branding and identity, bespoke furniture and fitting design, salvaging and appropriation, and even sourcing site locations. The client brief, the essence of the brand, the innate personality of the space, and the conceptual story all combine to inspire the built environment design.

H2R Design don’t just design commercial spaces, they shape environments.