Aviteur carry-on

Aviteur carry-on

Harking back to the Golden Age of air travel, this luxurious carry-on luggage range comes with a rich fashion pedigree.

Aviteur is the new lifestyle brand by Patricia Gucci, the only granddaughter of Guccio Gucci, founder of the world-famous Gucci brand, Patricia Gucci has fashion and design in her DNA. When her father Aldo (who would turn Gucci into a global name) was a young boy, his father placed a swatch of leather under his nose and said, “This is the scent of your future!” Just as Aldo learned from Guccio, so did Patricia from him, becoming the “new face of Gucci” as brand ambassador in the 1980s.

Handcrafted in Italy by master artisans, the Aviteur Carry-On evokes both past and future.

“There was nostalgia for the 1950s and 60s, an era when travel had style, but also a fascination with technical, lightweight materials used in modern aircraft,” said Patricia.

“Above all, I wanted something that was cutting-edge. We’re constantly on the move, yet walking through airports, the luggage you see is generic, with no real personality. A carry-on should be no different than a designer handbag or briefcase. When you get home, you shouldn’t feel like it has to be hidden away.”

The first thing you might notice about an Aviteur Carry-On is that there is no logo. Instead, the design and craftsmanship speak for themselves.

The distinction is its shape, both ergonomic and sensuous, and the reflective polycarbonate panels overlayed with interlaced leather in the Paglia di Vienna pattern. Inside, the Aviteur is lined with luxurious alcantara and features hidden compartments for valuables or accessories. 

A unique feature is the handle, which is hand-carved from a block of clear polycarbonate and emerging with a buttonless mechanism – an industry first (patent pending). 

“I liked the idea of combining traditional materials with industrial components, such as the wheel casters forged from aviation-grade aluminium,” says Patricia. “The patented ‘silent wheels’ – designed for the cobbled streets of Venice after the city banned the use of trolleys due to noise pollution – allow travellers to move quietly through airports and hotel lobbies.  

The Aviteur Carry-On currently comes in three colours – walnut, grey, and black –and will expand to six, with variations in patterning and materials. Bespoke colorways for both leather and anodised aluminum are available by special order, as well as monogramming.

Every Aviteur Carry-On has an identifying serial number engraved on the base of the handle and is supplied with a protective neoprene cover for airline check-in. 

A weekend bag and a range of leather accessories are due later this year.